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Double Top and Double Bottom Pattern Quick Guide With PDF

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double top and double bottom

The Neck Line of the Double Top pattern is the horizontal level at the bottom between the two tops. The high success rate of the pattern comes from the fact that the high and low of the pattern have been tested atleast two times.

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That’s why the second top could often be a bit higher than the first one, and this is a good sign for potential reversal. Since these two patterns indicate a trend reversal, then the first step for a trader will be to identify a trend that could reverse. If the market is trending up, traders will be looking out for a double top, as the market could reverse into a downtrend. If the market is trending down, then traders will be looking out for a double bottom, as the market could reverse into an uptrend. This post will reference several found in technical analysis such as support and resistance levels, RSI, the parabolic SAR, and necklines. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, it is recommended you read about the important trading terminology you should know before reading on.

Double Bottom Chart Pattern:

As a powerful reversal pattern, traders are always on the lookout for double tops/bottoms. However, there are times when these patterns can be a double-edged sword. The double top and double bottom trading patterns are among the most common trading patterns traders will find. These patterns are so common that they serve as evidence against academics who believe that price movements in the market are wildly random. It is therefore prudent for traders of every level to be familiar with these chart patterns when trading.

  • Others may choose to close a short position at the breakout.
  • Ultimately, it will be up to the subjective intuition of the individual traders’ experience to determine how best to execute a trade.
  • Neckline is just another name for the last support level formed on the Forex chart.
  • Since you have a confirmed Double Top pattern on the chart, you now have the go ahead signal to enter a position.
  • Traders with a fader mentality, selling into strength and buying weakness, will try to anticipate the pattern by stepping in front of the price movement.

You will be absolutely calm with neckline’s breakout process, because you already have a profitable position. I recommend using the double top and double bottom patterns with your other trading strategies. Whilst it can be a great method to spotting market reversals, it is just one pattern. In this example we would have waited for a retest of the neckline as new support.

Three Strategies to Trade Double Tops and Double Bottoms

A Triple Top is traded as a Double Top with the only difference that the trade is entered after the third top is formed and the price reaches the support level. The two peaks do not need to be equal, point to point, but they need to look like two mountain tops. Then the first buyers start taking profits, the price starts declining, and the second wave has nothing to do but to close positions with a loss or a minimal profit. The triple top below would have probably tricked double top and double bottom many amateurs into believing that price is gapping over the resistance and breaking away. However, the trader who understands to read the nuances of price movements would have seen that candles have become successively smaller on the actual breakout. This is a classic reversal and exhaustion gap behavior – the last convulsions before the final capitulation. As can be seen, everything works the same as with the bullish double bottom pattern, only in the other direction.

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The bottom line here is a rising wedge formed after an upward trajectory often signals a reversal. On the other hand, a rising wedge formed during a downward trajectory results in a continuation of the existing trend. Remember that double tops are a trend reversal formation so you’ll want to look for these after there is a strong uptrend. When prices rise above the neckline, it serves as a confirmation of the price formation and may signal that prices will likely continue to rise. Breakout happens when the resistance level is broken, indicating an upcoming uptrend.

What is a Wedge Chart Pattern ?

Depending on that initial pullback in trend could be deeper or shallower. The double bottom is a reversal pattern that occurs after an extended move down. The pattern signals that the market is unable to break through a key support level, and thus is likely to move higher. Here in this chart, you can observe that the currency pair has pushed the price down to breach the trend line. It signals that a downward trajectory might be in the cards.

Double bottoms are also treacherous to trade, in part because of the similarity to triple bottoms and trading ranges. Reduced volume on the second peak followed by increased volume on the break below the support line.

Risk Disclaimer

This kind of formation comes into existence after extended downward movements. Like head and shoulders, we should be putting the entry order above the neckline. So you will have to look for double tops after there is a strong upward trend. Another important thing to note is that the fall is around the same height as the double top formation. If you look carefully, you will notice that there are two “peaks” in the chart in a very strong upward move. But here the second peak was not able to break the level of the first peak.

double top and double bottom

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