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Hedge Funds In India Meaning, Types, Strategies, Advantages

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On the contrary, a debt fund is also a kind of mutual fund that comes with low risk, so much so that it remains undisturbed by market fluctuations. Debt funds are still a better option than Fixed Deposits because they can generate a higher percentage of returns. So, if you are not in favor of taking high risks, debt funds are a go-to.

  • On the contrary, a debt fund is also a kind of mutual fund that comes with low risk, so much so that it remains undisturbed by market fluctuations.
  • Some examples of hedge funds include names like Munoth Hedge Fund, Forefront Alternative Investment Trust, Quant First Alternative Investment Trust and IIFL Opportunities Fund.
  • Thus, it doesn’t allow them to hold Hedge Funds since hedge funds are illiquid and come with lock-in periods.
  • The site provides comprehensive and real time information on Indian corporates, sectors, financial markets and economy.
  • Tactical trading and long-short equity funds are affected by specific equity price risk.

Hedging in the stock market refers to safeguarding one position in the market by taking another opposite position. This is done to reduce the risk of uncertainty or loss that may occur due to unfavourable price fluctuations. The major differences between arbitrage and speculative strategies are the size of the trade, time duration, risk factor and structure. This website including the ‘’ platform is owned, operated and maintained by Helena Edtech Private Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of India. The platform and the services thereunder are provided on an “as is” basis. A long/short strategy is one in which the management has both long and short positions in securities, covering both sides and compensating for any losses.

Sanghavi, who has 17 years of expertise in hedge funds, has been a student of observation and analysis all his life and that his investment philosophy has always had risk management at its core. Quant funds rely on algorithmic or systematically programmed investment strategies. Investments in various strategies are based on multiple trading signals based on economic data points, trending security prices, real-time company news or any other measurable variable. With this, an institutional process is implemented without subjective bias. This event-driven financing strategy aims to exploit the vulnerability of a company’s stock price to fluctuate during a corporate event.

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This is a measurement of the daily rtgs new timings bank transactions length extended range, which is the range in which a day trader operates. Pairs trading entails locating a correlated pair of instruments where the valuation relationship has shifted, purchasing under priced instruments, and selling overpriced ones. The goal is to profit regardless of market conditions such as downtrends, uptrends, and so on. This occurs when the price of an asset moves sharply high or low with nothing in between, implying that the market opened at a different price than its previous close. You need to know how to manage your money and how to maintain some grace under fire.


These aim to make money in any market condition, whether the market is rising or falling. This article will explain the different types of hedge funds and their various strategies and provide examples to help you better understand this fascinating investment world. Since hedge funds are those mutual funds that are managed by experts, they tend to be quite costly.

Investment strategies:

These funds use different types of trading techniques because of the securities and assets they invest in. Hedge funds elevate your financial portfolio as they invest your capital in risky yet profitable assets. This structure implies that of all the assets and profits earned by the hedge fund, the manager is subjected to receive 2% of assets and 20% of profits earned in a year. If you are planning to invest in a hedge fund, keep a note that hedge funds do not allow the withdrawal of liquid money at any point in time. Traders can work for financial institutions, in which case they will trade using a company’s funds and credits and are paid a combination of bonus and salary. Traders can also work for themselves, trading with their own money and credit.

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When the price changes, the momentum shifts in a different direction. Because they allow traders to go both long and short, derivative and leveraged products, such as CFDs, are popular choices for trend-following strategies. Because your total profit or loss is based on the total position size, leveraged trading is high risk, and you could lose more than your initial deposit amount. Individuals , institutions, and governments all engage in commerce. They profit by investing in financial markets by buying and selling assets. Some financial traders focus on a single instrument or asset class, while others keep a more diverse portfolio.

The valuation of securities may increase or decrease depending on the factors affecting the securities market. The ETF trading strategies that are best for beginners include dollar-cost averaging, asset allocation, swing trading, sector rotation, short selling, seasonal patterns, and hedging. Bottom line is that ETFs cannot fully be hedge funds but can very correctly replicate them. The third way to replicate a hedge fund is to copy them completely! Hedge funds are by law bound to share their portfolio allocations on a quarterly lagged basis.

Hedge funds invest in a wide range of assets that may not be available through traditional investment vehicles, such as private equity, hedge funds, and commodities. Hedge funds have the potential to generate high returns because they invest in a wide range of assets and use sophisticated investment strategies. This UK-based hedge fund manages over Rs. 44,000 crores in assets and uses a macroeconomic investment strategy to profit from changes in global economic trends. These hedge funds use mathematical and statistical models to identify profitable investment opportunities. They use algorithms and high-speed computers to analyze vast amounts of data and execute trades quickly. As of June 30, 2014, there were 158 alternative investment funds (pooled-in investment vehicles for private equity, real estate, and hedge funds).

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Hedge funds can be confusing and intimidating for those who are not familiar with the world of finance. The long/short strategy allows you to take advantage of both bullish and bearish market conditions. Additionally, this strategy allows you to manage risk by hedging your positions. For example, if the overall market experiences a downturn, your short positions may offset losses in the long positions. “There were a lot of opportunities for volatility traders on both sides,” said Chris Murphy, co-head of derivatives strategy at Susquehanna International Group.

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Hedge funds, funds which trade with a view to making short-term returns or funds which are open-ended and for which no specific incentives or concessions are given by the government or other regulators are included. Category III — AIFs that employ diverse or complex trading strategies, which may employ leverage through investment in listed or unlisted derivatives. To understand hedge funds in India better, we should appraise ourselves with what SEB Imeans by an AIF and its three categories. No worries for refund as the money remains in investor’s account. An arbitrage is all about exploiting price differentials due to market related pricing inefficiencies. A simple example is if yields on the short end of the yield curve are higher than yields at the long end.

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Each sort of hedge fund has a unique risk profile and investing approach. Equity long/short funds, for instance, invest in both long and short stock positions with the goal of making money regardless of the state of the market. On the other hand, event-driven funds invest in the securities of businesses that are going through important corporate events including mergers and acquisitions, insolvencies, and spin-offs. In order to profit from macroeconomic trends, global macro funds invest across a range of asset classes, such as equities, bonds, currencies, and commodities.

This strategy involves buying stocks that are expected to increase in value and selling stocks that are expected to decrease in value . Renaissance Technologies uses complex computer models and algorithms to find profitable trades in different markets. Mutual funds typically charge an annual management fee, a percentage of the assets under management, and additional fees for any transaction costs or expenses. So, if you are ready to ride on the hedge fund rollercoaster, let’s get started. On a centralized exchange, this means creating an account with the provider and adding funds. But decentralized exchanges need you to create and connect a crypto wallet with the platform.

Mid-cap mutual funds Mid-cap funds invest in Indian companies that come in the next best 250 in terms of market value. These funds are for you if you are ready to take on a higher level of risk. One way to satiate the risk appetite of mid-cap equity funds is to let them season for at least 7-10 years. If your child is in primary or middle school, investing in such a scheme will generate a wholesome amount of wealth by the time they are ready to pursue a college education. Equity-linked saving schemes Among the various perks of investing in mutual funds is the tax deduction benefit. Equity Linked Saving Schemes are devoted to enabling investors to save taxes, as the name also indicates.

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Beta measures a hedge fund’s sensitivity to changes in the broader market. A positive alpha indicates that the fund has generated excess returns, while a negative alpha indicates that it has underperformed. Mutual funds are highly regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and must follow specific rules regarding their investments, disclosure, and fees.

The sole principle behind this strategy is that market-neutral hedge funds witness a boost in their profits because they are independent of market fluctuations. Instead, they rely on the price movements of the stocks involved. Unlike mutual funds, hedge funds have a minimum investment cap that leads to a demarcation of eligible investment partners. In a hedge fund, high-net-worth individuals , banks, and insurance firms are eligible for becoming investment partners.

Investing in mutual funds for your child’s education is always advisable. First of all, it is a less stressful option than investing in direct equity stocks because that requires you to have in-depth knowledge of market trends and fluctuations. Secondly, with mutual funds, there are a variety of schemes you can opt for depending on a range of factors. These factors could include the time period for which you can invest before liquidating, the amount of money you can invest, the amount you require to secure the education fund, the level of risk you can take, and so on. When it comes to building an education fund, here are the top 5 types of mutual funds you can choose from. Large-cap mutual funds The defining characteristic of large-cap equity funds is the fact that these funds invest in the top 100 Indian companies that have the highest market value.

He writes for, Street Insight, and StreetView, and has been a guest on the television show Kudlow & Cramer. Previously, he was a partner with the technology venture capital firm 212 Ventures and was CEO and founder of Vaultus, a wireless and software company. He holds a BA in computer science from Cornell and attended graduate school for computer science at Carnegie Mellon University. Mutual fund managers are barred from taking a profit-sharing cut, which we call performance fees.


To invest in hedge funds, a minimum investment of ₹1 crore is required, which makes these funds inaccessible to the public. They are also a highly risky investment vehicle, and the tax on such funds is also high. These funds are riskier than traditional investments due to their use of complex investment strategies and investments in non-publicly traded assets. Nor will the masses meet the eligibility criteria to invest in them. Arbitrage is a strategy that traders use to make a profit from purchasing financial security such as stocks or bonds in one market and selling it for a slightly higher price in another. It involves taking advantage of price differentiation in two markets.

What Kinds of Hedge Funds Are There?

Hedge funds are structured in such a way that it aligns the interest of the fund manager and the investors, with provisions such as high watermark. While our interest is in hedge funds today, there is no universal definition for them in securities laws. In reality there are scores of sub-strategies but hedge funds broadly operate within any of the above classifications. Arbitrage generally involves making several transactions and using a large sum of money to gain a meaningful return.

Hedge funds are set up as LLCs or LLPs where the liabilities of the partners and fund manager are limited. From accredited high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors. They aim to generate high returns by investing in a diverse range of assets using various investment strategies while minimizing risk and maximizing investor value.

  • There are different types of hedge funds depending on the securities they invest in and the kind of strategies used to manage them.
  • Commodity, currency, and interest rate derivatives are traded in the F&O market.
  • As hedge funds often have less liquidity than mutual funds, it may be more challenging to buy and sell shares in a hedge fund.
  • It is critical to combine technical indicators with other types of analysis, such as other technical tools or fundamental analysis.

A trading strategy is founded on predefined rules and criteria that are used to make trading decisions. Let us suppose the Nav of the fund in the starting year is Rs 1,000, the next year, it went to Rs 3,000, and in the third year, it fell to Rs 1,700. Now, the high watermark provision may state that the fund manager will only get their performance fees in year four if and when the fund crosses the Rs-3,000-level watermark. This aligns the interest of the manager with that of the investor to target new achievements. It shall include venture capital funds, SME Funds, social venture funds, infrastructure funds, and such other alternative investment funds as may be specified. So we can conclude that hedging strategies help investors to sleep peacefully at night instead of waking them up with nightmares of ‘what if?

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