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5 Tips To Success Affiliate Onboarding with UpPromote Blog Uppromote

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This was coincidentally the same work philosophy that I had revered my entire career. Several elements of my journey which led me to Acceleration Partners may sound familiar. Many people have relocated orswitched careersin the last couple of years, and for some, more than once. In December of 2021, an exciting new adventure presented itself to me when least expected. Have a look at your onboarding process if you don’t have one, get one. And I’ll lay out a few ideas below on how you can do that.

What is affiliate onboarding

You don’t want affiliates becoming disengaged to the point where they stop participating. Check in frequently during the onboarding process to build stronger relationships. If you’ve been running your affiliate program for a while, you may have noticed that you receive certain questions over and over again.

Also consider other communication channels such as online groups or forums. These types of communication channels provide a more convenient and casual space for affiliates to come together, fostering a digital community. Effective affiliate onboarding can help empower new affiliates and retain high-quality affiliates so your brand gets the most out of affiliate-driven promotions. Beyond the Terms & Conditions, you can also upload and host other documents—like a campaign insertion order, W8/W9, invoicing information, etc.—in CAKE’s Affiliate Portal.

You will need to enter your actual name, date of birth, contact email, business name, and permanent address here. You can compose the email in an email client, such as Gmail or Outlook, and manually enter the email addresses of each affiliate. We have come across some system-related issues involving both ServiceNow and DocuSign that could impact the timeline. The release of the forms is heavily tied to ServiceNow, so if the release of ServiceNow Service Hub is postponed, the form will be as well.

Help Affiliates Find Success After Onboarding

A guide is also an excellent opportunity to offer brief training on utilizing their affiliate services and who to reach if they have any difficulties. The ideas listed below will assist you inappropriately onboarding affiliates to your business. The different affiliates aggressively advertise your business, the more sales you will get.

A newsletter could also be a great way to communicate on a regular basis. Set up communication channels so affiliates know exactly where and how to contact you. Provide affiliates with an email they can send all affiliate-related questions and enquiries to. In addition to having a dedicated email, it’s also a good idea to meet your affiliates in person (or through a video call!). This is the process of getting new affiliates acquainted with your program and prepared to start promoting your products and services. An effective affiliate onboarding involves communication, guidance, and support from the moment they sign up to important milestones such as their first conversion.

Filling Out Your Tax Information

They must have a good reputation within their industry or a large following on social media. CAKE’s powerful performance marketing software will bring clarity to your marketing campaigns and empower you with the insights to make intelligent marketing decisions. You have now officially set up your Twitch Affiliate account. Depending on the payout method you select, you may need to enter your bank information, address, or PayPal account here. This will complete the royalty tax interview, and close the interview window. Start the email with a personalized greeting, addressing the affiliate by name.

Your onboarding process should set out clear expectations for each new affiliate, and provide them with all the tools they need to be successful. That way they know exactly what they’re signing up for and how to get started. An affiliate marketing software that promises to help with the affiliate search should have a vast network for you to tap into. Filtering affiliates that are a good fit for your brand should be easy.

What is affiliate onboarding

Affiliate onboarding is a one-time experience that should create a smooth journey between your sign up page and affiliate’s first contact with your program. Unfortunately, the affiliate onboarding process is often overlooked. Although affiliate onboarding often overlooked, a streamlined affiliate onboarding process can be the key to successful relationships with your partners. Despite often being overlooked, affiliate onboarding is key to successful affiliate promotions.

Reasons to Review Your Affiliates Onboarding Process

Each new affiliate you bring into your program will have unique skills and strengths. Some might have a lot of experience being part of an affiliate program, and it might be the first time for others. Think about where they’re coming from, the affiliate’s normal work pace, and ways you can get them comfortable with various aspects of the program. Easy access to the terms of service for your affiliate program. Provide them with constructive feedback about their performance and encourage them to do the same about the setup of your program.

It will save your ecommerce brand tons of money in recovery. This includes onboarding, sales tracking, coupon creation, and commission payments. A bad onboarding process – or the lack of it – will result in a large number of dormant or inactive affiliates. The affiliate signed up with your program for a reason, but somehow never became productive. On average, a good affiliate program has 10% to 15% active affiliates, if you have way below these numbers, you should definitely take a look at your onboarding process Tweet.

Form Referral Tracking Software for:

Other criteria include generic requirements like easy-set up and intuitive UI. In order to grow a healthy affiliate program, you should check your affiliates onboarding process first. Although it may seem obvious, it seems some affiliate managers aren’t aware of the power of an optimised and streamlined partner onboarding process. Ensuring that as soon as your partners join your programme they can begin with the promotion process means a positive tone will be set for the relationship. They may need help understanding the basics or require additional training on different tools. Try and provide them with the best affiliate marketing software available to make it easier for them to set up promotions.

  • Here you can view the affiliates’ information, make notes, validate contact details, and then approve or deny the new affiliate partner.
  • A guide is also an excellent opportunity to offer brief training on utilizing their affiliate services and who to reach if they have any difficulties.
  • For example, fewer affiliates will sign up if you offer just PayPal or one or two payment options.
  • So affiliate managers, there is a lot of stuff that you could be doing here during an onboarding process.
  • Using primary language guarantees that all of your partners understand the directions and what is required.

Your performance marketing program’s Terms & Conditions agreement is an important step in setting a solid foundation with your partners. CAKE provides a default set of Terms & Conditions that you can use as a sample document. However, we strongly encourage you to work with a legal representative to customize the document to fit and protect your company and your advertisers.

The importance of affiliate onboarding processes

You also need to understand their individual needs and requirements. You need affiliate marketing software that allows for variations in affiliate campaign processes. Helping new affiliates successfully complete their first sales can build confidence for when they’re out on their own. This is especially important for new affiliate programs that are still trying to recruit partners. Part of the affiliate onboarding process is setting expectations and one of the best ways to do this is with your affiliate terms and conditions. Your affiliates will have seen this information when they signed up, but it’s important you continue to stress the value of this document.

Consider sending a survey to affiliates that have recently joined your affiliate program and completed onboarding, typically after their first conversion or commission payment. This survey should be focused primarily on the signup and onboarding process. Your affiliate marketing program will stand out if you provide a positive experience to your affiliates. Creating a collaborative environment of “if you win, we win” with your affiliates is the right way to approach affiliate marketing. You can do this by using affiliate marketing software that supports your affiliates. Give the affiliate next steps on how to get started, such as how to access their affiliate dashboard, how to set up tracking links, and how to access marketing materials.

Ready, Set, Earn.

Most affiliate marketing software options come with a monthly fee in the range of $50-$150. Some options like iDevAffiliate, Reditus, and Affiliatly are cheaper, albeit with fewer capabilities. For the more complicated parts, it will have adequate resources to help you make the most out of its features.

What is affiliate onboarding

Fast pace your growth in the industry with our tailored attribution solutions. Another aspect of this is that the dashboard should be able to give fast insights. It should let you tweak your campaign with real-time inputs. Integrations with other tools that assist with your sales cycle. A record of the affiliate’s acknowledgment will be noted in the History section of the Affiliate card with a timestamp. Readily integrate with 3rd-party systems or access 24/7 support.

For example, fewer affiliates will sign up if you offer just PayPal or one or two payment options. CAKE offers a Signup Page that you can use to manage new affiliate sign ups for your affiliate program. It includes all the major contact information and the types of campaigns the affiliate focuses on. Here is an affiliate onboarding page showcasing the might of the Teachable Affiliate program. This is a purple button at the bottom of the pop-up.Review your personal information here, and make sure it’s all correct before proceeding to the tax forms.

The sooner they understand more about your products and how to promote them, the sooner the results will come. Finding and getting affiliates to join your programme is not really even half the battle. Most of the battle becomes once an affiliate has actually joined your programme. From experience we find that most affiliates that register and join, then do very little, add links, or then engage with the programme. Keeping up communication when a conversion or commission is created can retain the positive conversation. First of all, provide affiliates with marketing materials so they may start advertising right away.

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