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Cloud Computing Services & Integration Solutions

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For example, an IT team can achieve cloud integration using mediation or federation. Mediation works between applications; the cloud integration platform recognizes an event in one application and then triggers a response that is sent to another connected application. Integrate apps and data in real time with intelligent business processes spanning cloud and on-premises sources. Trusted by over 1,600 enterprise companies, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform lets you manage all your APIs and integrations on one platform.

  • Assisted Cathay Financial Holdings in integrating the performance review systems of 8 companies.
  • NIX’s expert team built a new system that increased potential customer traffic and improved performance.
  • With GCP cloud resources, digital management efficiency can be improved to facilitate productivity and high-quality services.
  • This will empower your team to deliver actionable insights and make the most of cloud-based applications at scale.
  • Below, you can find exemplary scenarios for two most popular integration approaches.

We delve into your business needs and our expert team drafts the optimal solution for your project. You must purchase any hardware needed, and the IT department must perform regular updates to keep the system up-to-date and secure. This can be a long, laborious, and expensive process depending on the size and structure of your company. Being a remote company, wasting time in communication is horrible, luckily with NIX, we experienced no delay or misunderstanding. Quality of delivered work is outstanding, all tasks prior to delivery were tested in detail, and bugs or mistakes were virtually non-existent.

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

When data is stored in a central location like the cloud, users can quickly source accurate, real-time data rather than sifting through various applications. Furthermore, cloud integration services usually provide the option for more in-depth data views, as well as customizable reporting and dashboards. A cloud integration platform is a term often synonymous with the integration platform as a service category under the application, integration, and middleware technology sector. Cloud integration is perfect for sharing analytics tools and data between users from different locations. It can reduce data redundancy, automate workflows, and orchestrate APIs and services. Companies can also use IoT connectivity and AI models to connect their assets and offerings with partners and customers quickly.

Integration as a service is an instant computing infrastructure provisioned and managed over the Internet. Get tutorials, demos, and any support you’ll need to ingest data from a variety of data assets; cleanse, transform, and reshape that data; and efficiently load it to target data assets. Discover how one of the largest manufacturers and marketers of bicycles connects E-Business Suite with OCI integration. One of the largest co-ops in the world modernized their recruiting processes 4X faster with Oracle Integration and Fusion HCM to hire 20,000 staffers yearly with Oracle Cloud. Dropbox slashes invoice processing costs by 80% with Oracle Integration, Fusion ERP, Autonomous Data Warehouse, and Oracle Analytics.

Defining the future of data integration

Building or buying a glue layer (message processor/ESB) that will handle message routing, modification, aggregation and changing the mapping of the data. The steps of this stage will differ depending on the chosen integration approach. Below, you can find exemplary scenarios for two most popular integration approaches. Together with the project stakeholders, we decide on the most feasible option with the best strategic potential.

Integration consultancy and engineering in support of strategic digital transformation programmes. Alumio helped P4 Markets enable a streamlined commerce experience by providing a time and cost effective omnichannel integration. An end-to-end automation Suite for Oracle EBS change/modernization enables companies to maximize their investment in Oracle by automating processes and reducing manual inventions. Planning and introducing various types of testing for separate components and the integrated system on the whole (incl., development and maintenance of automated tests). Services and tools support multi-cloud, on-premises and edge computing environments.

Realtime Survey Response Synchronization to Salesforce Using MuleSoft for Qualtrics

Explore cutting-edge services provided by Matellio for your enterprise solutions and applications. Organizations need to choose the right integration platform to enjoy the advantages of cloud integration. However, that does not eliminate an organization’s possible challenges with integration priorities. At Rishabh, we’ve assisted several enterprises with their vital decision to move to the cloud.

cloud integration services

We help you modernize your IT architecture to kickstart digital transformation. NIX’s expert team built a new system that increased potential customer traffic and improved performance. Their transparent workflow allowed for consistent communication and quick correction of problems when they arose.

Salesforce Consulting and Development Services

Switching between services and platforms can affect time and work efficiency. Lastly, businesses can switch approaches depending on their evolving needs. This gives companies the flexibility to scale their business according to the continuously changing market demands. Cleo offers three service options; self-service, managed services, and blended-services—so businesses can select the best option for their B2B integration needs.

cloud integration services

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