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SBI CIF number: How to find CIF number in SBI through SMS, online, phone call, and offline

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The financial institution uses this ID to retrieve data like customer details, account sorts, balances, transactions, loan history and so on. Customer Information File accommodates the precious banking information of an account holder in a digital format. Yes, you possibly can have a number of SBI accounts in several or identical branches and may even link both the accounts with that username. People who’ve financial institution accounts as soon as in a lifetime came throughout the term CIF number in their lives.

As the account gets transferred, new branch name is shown in the online banking dashboard. Customer information file or CIF is one of the most important terms in the banking industry. Banks, including SBI, use the person’s bank information to run their accounts. A new user driven registration process and re-issue of login password, in the name of “Green Password” has been developed. It’s a platform that enables the customers to carry out their banking activities from their desktop, aided by the power and convenience of the Internet. So, these are some of the methods by which you will be able to just be sure you are easily capable of examine the CIF number of the SBI account that you’ve got.

Banks can rate clients and determine the costs of various services using the data kept in the Customer Information File. This determines both the Customer Relationship Value and the Total Relationship Value . Banks can provide more specialised and individualised product services using the data obtained from this number. Clients can receive more individualised recommendations based on their needs, enhancing their overall experience. Through this virtual vault, banks save all of a customer’s information. Since doing so requires only entering the CIF number, it is utilised to retrieve the necessary documents as quickly as possible.

Well, the most effective factor concerning the net banking choice is that individuals don’t actually have to visit the branches of SBI so as to find their particulars. You can find CIF number without netbanking and passbook in any of the following ways – Visit any branch of the bank in which you have the account. Give your account number, show your ID proof, and ask for your CIF number. Wondering if it is attainable to have 2 accounts in separate branches of a financial institution? Let our banking experts guide you on the legality of having two accounts in two different branches of SBI.

Yes, you can do bill payment through ‘View and Pay Bill’ for already registered billers. Please add the required accounts as Payee under “Funds Transfer – Add Payee”. Then you can transfer funds to these accounts after auto activation.

Are the CIF Number and Account Number the Same?

Cost, Insurance, and Freight and Free on Board are international transport agreements used in the transportation of products between a purchaser and a vendor. Just Account Number, the CIF number is also unique to each account holder. The CIF number will be printed on the first page of the bank passbook along with the Account number and name of the account holder. CIF contains all account data and relevant personal details in a digital format.

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If an individual is having accounts in a number of banks his CIF will be completely different in every Bank. Retail banking consists of fundamental monetary providers, such as checking and savings accounts, sold to most of the people through native branches. Commercial banking uses CIFs to indicate the various credit score products corresponding to enterprise loans and bank cards currently in use by a customer. The CIF for bank records such information as a buyer’s vital statistics account balances and transactions, and forms of accounts held. I can help you find your CIF number if you’re looking for it.

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Now, transferring your SBI account to another branch just got easy. Now, you don’t have to visit the bank for getting your branch transferred. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, priority has been given to digital contactless service.

There are 4 completely different ways in which allow the users to seek out their CIF number in SBI account. Till now, you could have understood the significance of the CIF quantity in SBI bank account. Now, you can get to know the straightforward methods that help the purchasers to view or get their CIF number in SBI account.

Simply send an SMS from your registered mobile number to receive the e-statement. Simply open the PDF file to view your CIF number when you receive an e-statement. Make certain to hold your account passbook alongside with your ID proof if you visit an SBI Branch. CIF and FOB mainly differ in who assumes duty for the goods throughout transit. The obligations of the seller embrace transporting the products to the nearest port, loading them on a vessel and paying for the insurance and freight.

  • After that, the same CIF number will be used for all customer accountsin that Bank.
  • It is a good practice to commit the password to memory rather than write it down somewhere.
  • But you can find your CIF number by sending an SMS if you have registered your email address with your bank account.
  • It refers to a person’s bank information that banks use to run their accounts.

Method 1- It may appear on the first page of the chequebook. India’s benchmark indices dropped 1% on Friday, wiping out the previous day’s gains, as lenders — led by HDFC group stocks — led the selloff. Continued worries about the health of the US regional banks, which dragged Wall Street down on Thursday night, also contributed to declines. After validating such particulars received from the applicant, the account is created.

It is not possible to acquire the SBI CIF number from an unregistered contact number. A bank requires the CIF number to reproduce the detailed information of a customer. You can get customer details, transactions, balances, account types, and loan history, amongst others. Currently, there is no direct way to send a message and find your CIF number.

All transactions executed through a valid session as defined above will be construed to have been emanated from the registered USER and will be legally binding on him/her. The USER is cautioned against leaving the computer unattended during a valid session. On security front, the site is ‘VeriSign’ certified – indicating that it’s absolutely safe and secure for you to transact online. Additional layers of security are available for doing transactions.


It is a good practice to commit the password to memory rather than write it down somewhere. Bank will not be responsible for any loss sustained by the USER due to breach of this condition. It is proposed to implement, in due course, the PKI /Digital Signature technology for the Service. Get live Share Market updates and latest India News and business news on Financial Express.

Then you will get all details via email in PDF, where the CIF number will appear. The CIF Number is essential for account holders when transferring their accounts or activating net banking. The State Bank of India fosters a Customer Information File or CIF number for its customers. The CIF number SBI Bank is a unique 11-digit numeric code which digitally stores a customer’s information. The information hidden under the code includes personal details, account numbers, proof of address, loan details, transaction history, and other relevant information.

It is assigned and printed in the passbook or the first page of the chequebook that is issued when you create an account. However, in case you have lost or don’t have the passbook or chequebook around, there is an option to check the CIF number in SBI through other methods as well. In this article, we will guide you through how to check the SBI CIF number online or via SMS, customer support, and more. If customer is having more than one account & single CIF, on transfer of branch for any one account, the CIF will NOT have transferred. If the user don’t have debit card, they need to visit State Bank branch to register Yono Lite SBI. In the State Bank of India, CIF is an 11-digit quantity which gives the bank detailed details about a buyer.

Because of this, it is fixed through a series of OTPs and cannot be how to transfer cif number sbiily modified by anyone. The following steps must be taken when opting for a bank branch. No, you cannot use the CIF number for the online transfer of money. You can do so through net banking or UPI ID. You can make quick payments directly to the bank through UPI using the Paytm Pay option. Activate your yono mobile using atm card, and from there you can find your CIF number.

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The time period C I F stands for “Customer Information File” which incorporates all the personal data of the bank account proprietor. You can merely find out your CIF number from the counter on the financial institution branch. Give your account quantity, and request the manager to inform you your CIF number.

With the help of SBI Debit Card details customer can himself activate without going to Branch. If customer does not have SBI Debit Card he can visit the Branch for activation after online registration. Truly smart services to cover most of your banking transactions. I don’t know how safe it is to give all personal details here.

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The redirected screen will now ask you to choose the type of account and enter your account number and click on the ‘Submit’ option. Log in with your account details to the SBI Yono Application. If you have to transfer your account somewhere else then you need CIF. You can also find out your CIF number for me in a bank chequebook. Usually, the CIF number is printed on the first page of a chequebook.


For instance, because all the information is available immediately, opening a Demat account or approving a loan becomes considerably faster and easier. A Customer Information File allows a bank to access their customer’s information. This also allows distinguishing between two accountholders if they share the same name or identical email addresses. State bank of India CIF number has the following points in its corners to prove its importance.


The bank lets the customers create an account in any of the branches and permit them to make different types of transactions either online or offline. But, now you can now transfer your SBI financial savings account online, from one branch to a different, anywhere in the nation inside every week, freed from cost. Most other banks have been offering this facility for a while now. The clients are required to open an account in any SBI branch of his selection and luxuriate in high quality banking services from the financial institution.

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