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It was a call to logic, logic, critique and freedom of thinking over the doctrine of religion, as well as beliefs that were deemed to be superstitious.

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Also, the shifting the roles of gender and ideology, and the debate over whether this century was one of religious revival or secularization is also discussed. The History of Now. Students are required to attend all the 16 lectures arranged specifically for the course to get an understanding of the major themes and how they connect with each other, but for their weekly essays , they could focus on the topics they prefer. The class introduces students to the study of historical events to help them understand the past as well as to gain a better knowledge of both the past and future. The course will examine current events from an historical context from the perspective of an array that includes MIT as well as guest lecturers who will discuss their research within the context of the current world and national developments. Distance and Online MA in History. The fall 2020 course will concentrate on the past of the spread of infectious diseases.

Distance cheap and Online MA in History is a postgraduate course that is designed for students who have an intense interest in learning about historical events as well as ancient civilisations. We will examine transnationally and across disciplines to see how pandemics and plagues have impacted human and non-human histories. This is a two-year course that is offered in distance, online and regular formats. The course will follow an interactive roundtable format. Watch Video > Listen Podcast. It will meet weekly for one hour sessions with short presentations from invited speakers, followed by questions and answers with students enrolled in the course.

Graduation Certificates are handed out. This course is also streamed live in a weekly webinar to benefit those interested in the MIT community as well as the general public at large. Online MA with a focus on History is a post-graduation degree of two years. degree that is focused on historical interpretations and also includes historical events, narratives, as well as the an analysis of the historical events. Upcoming Events.

This program will assist you understand the subtleties of the culture of ancient India and the history of the various regions. There aren’t any upcoming events scheduled for this moment. The program aids students gain an understanding on the historical events that have occurred in the past, as well as knowledge of cultural and social aspects of the world. The history department at MIT.

Important Points of Distance/Online MA within History. History at MIT is a place where you can find outstanding scholarship as well as teaching and public involvement. This online MA in History is a program that provides knowledge about the history of the world, Indian Government & Policies, Capitalism, Liberalism, and many more. This program aids students advance their careers in teaching, research and editing, writing, and so on.

The Top 10 most important events in The European History. The students develop both the ability to think critically and develop their research skills through their in-person MA in History. This European history has witnessed several levels of ups and downwards in order to achieve the current state. It is an program is available online. You must be aware of these elements that have shaped European the history of Europe. MA in History program is duration of 2 years and comprises four semesters. Check out these lists of most important events in European history.

Subjects of Distance and Online MA throughout History. Ten The Industrial Revolution. The syllabus for the distance and online MA in History provides in-depth knowledge of the present-day global history. The Industrial Revolution maintains a period that witnessed a massive technological, economic social, as well as cultural changes that affected humans and is usually equated to be the shift from hunting and gathering to farming.

The syllabus will assist you to interpret both the historical past, as well as the future. At its most basic it was a mostly agricultural world economy built by manual labour was transformed into an manufacturing processes with the help of machines. It can assist you with future research and may even be able to apply for jobs in the administrative field after your on-line MA in History program. The precise dates don’t appear to be established, but the years 1760/80s until the 1830/40s were the more frequent, with development beginning in Britain and spreading across the globe, including in those in the United States. You can look up the semester-specific syllabus for this course below in the following table: 9. Semester 1. Reformation. Semester 2. The Reformation caused a split of the Latin Christian church during the sixteenth century , which sparked Protestantism and led to a major split which continues to the present day.

The History of India from 1757 AD until 1857. 8: The Renaissance. Society and Culture of India 1200 AD-1750 AD. The Renaissance was believed as a social and scientific movement, which was centered around the rediscovery and use of ancient texts. Polity and Economy of India beginning in 1200 AD until 1750 AD.

They believed in the time of classical antiquity. The History of India from 650 to 2000 AD. It took place in Europe around. 1400-c. 1600. Historiography of India up to AD 650.

The Renaissance could also be a reference towards the same period in European history, which spanned roughly the same period. History of India between 1858 and 1964 AD. The debate over what created the Renaissance remains a mystery. Research is the foundation of Research.

It was in essence an intellectual and cultural revolution which was tightly connected to the political and social world in the last fourteenth century through the early seventeenth century, despite the fact that it’s generally limited to just the 15th and 16th century. Fundamentals of Information Technology. The Renaissance also brought with it significant changes to the fringes of Europe. Generic Elective I. Islands like Malta saw a lot of turmoil because wars like the one among Muslims and Christians during the Great Siege of Malta defined whether the rest Europe was going to remain under the sway of the ruling class, or would it be the start of the reign by the Turks. Semester 3. 7. Semester 4. The Enlightenment. Women were prominent in Indian History.

The Enlightenment can be defined in a variety of ways and at its most broadest was an intellectual, philosophical and cultural movement that occurred during the seventeenth and 18th century. Economic History of India from 1757 AD through 1947 AD. It was a call to logic, logic, critique and freedom of thinking over the doctrine of religion, as well as beliefs that were deemed to be superstitious. Generic Elective III. Logic was emerging in a new worldview, which claimed that empirical observations and the analysis of the world can reveal the true nature of our society and the entire universe. The history of Modern Europe from 1795 AD up to 1870 AD.

Six The French revolution. Generic Elective IV. Between 1789 until the year 1802, France was ravaged by a revolutionary revolution that profoundly changed the political, military and cultural aspects of the state and even got Europe involved in conflicts.

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