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c# Razor framework backend or frontend?

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It supports Blazor, Vue, React and LayUI with one click code generation for CRUD, Import/Export, etc. Baseball Machine Learning Workbench – A web application that showcases performing what-if analysis using in-memory Machine Learning models. Blazor + WebWindow – WebWindow is like Electron, but without bundling Node.js or Chromium, and without most of the APIs. JHipster.NET JHipster is a well-known platform for generating modern application in java world. JHipster provides a blueprints system that allows to override the default behavior of the generator. JHipster.NET is a blueprint that overrides the back-end part, originally generated in spring boot, by back-end in core.

Did .NET MAUI Ship Too Soon? Devs Sound Off on ‘Massive Mistake’ – Visual Studio Magazine

Did .NET MAUI Ship Too Soon? Devs Sound Off on ‘Massive Mistake’.

Posted: Thu, 29 Sep 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

BlazorApplicationInsights – Application Insights for Blazor web applications. Howler.Blazor – A Blazor JSInterop wrapper for Howler.js, an audio library. TextCopy – A cross platform package to copy text to and from the clipboard. AdvancedBlazorSelect2 – Simple wrapper for Select2 with full support of databases and custom web APIs. Z.Blazor.Diagrams – A fully customizable and extensible all-purpose diagrams library for Blazor, inspired by the popular react-diagrams library, with many additions.


Its component model is simple enough that it maintains a short learning curve, yet is robust enough to be extremely productive. Even though Razor Components is new, its ability to use existing .NET libraries, tooling and optionally JavaScript’s ecosystem .net razor developer as well makes it a strong candidate for frontend web development. Tag helpers are a new concept introduced in ASP.NET Core MVC. They are a mash‐up of standard HTML tags and Razor HTML helpers, and they take the best part of both of them.

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Not only are there better state management tools like Redux, better code reusability, and a larger variety of deployment options. The first problem I ran into with Razor is trying to do anything more than a basic form. Razor has built in syntax for binding inputs, labels, and validation to models, so you can do all that in C#. When you post from a form, Razor will try and find an OnPost method in the code-behind. From that method, you can do whatever you want with the data you received. Again, it works great with basic forms and input fields, but falls apart once they get more complicated. Razor Pages is the default for building server-side web applications in ASP.NET Core.

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Create different components that the form would need and need to be shared across multiple forms. On the surface, Razor is super powerful and I much prefer it’s syntax and ease of use over tools like Django templates. That being said, I recently hit some hard limits with it that do indeed have workarounds, but finding them is extremely different. These are issues that a frontend like React or Angular would fix very easily, but I will get to those later. Telerik and Kendo UI are part of Progress product portfolio. Progress is the leading provider of application development and digital experience technologies. Based on either your previous activity on our websites or our ongoing relationship, we will keep you updated on our products, solutions, services, company news and events.

  • If a page doesn’t exist, normally the application should return an HTTP 404 status code and a page not found warning, but ASP.NET Core won’t do so unless instructed.
  • If you want to haveindex.htmlfiles served automatically without specifying their name, another middleware component,UseDefaultFiles, must be added before anyUseStaticFiles.
  • They also have some of the server‐side logic of HTML helpers, so, for example, they can read the value of the view model and conditionally add CSS classes.
  • Together with this better framework, the whole development experience got an overhaul.

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